Compiled by Nommo.
"You see I don't want a job, I don't want to be a writer, and I've got no ambition to be a painter, I just like painting. I don't have any ambition to be famous. I wouldn't mind, but I don't want these things as jobs. Jobs involve turning what you do into misery. Becoming a professional destroys the fun of it; the idea of being something is just horrible."
"Everyone is creative, whether or not people are going to say this is a work of genius. But who gives a shit? Because most works of genius probably aren't, it's only a matter of opinion. I don't think it's necessary to be good at something to do something. If you've got to be good at it you'll never do it. I think it's essential to do a lot of things and not be good at them."
"I dislike lack of integrity. I dislike all of the ways the world of man tries to make us passive observers rather than participators."
"...You know, at Art School they say you can have this, this and this if you do this. And I don't mind doing this if it makes sense to me or if doesn't seem to be phoney or false but people are obsessed with the phoney and fake."
"People often have a problem with me, they'll want to work with me, but when they find out it's easy to work with me and I'm not really very special at all, they lose interest. Once they talk to me a bit, they realise that any projections of greatness they have are false, because I don't maintain them and I don't keep distance. I don't spend my time building that illusion. I spend my time taking it down."
"We are not pop stars, we are the real thing, and the real thing can never be in fashion."
"We are too interested in sound and being small scale. We don't want to hide behind volume and monitors, we want to close the 15 feet between us and the audience, to have true communication and show people how to do it for themselves."
"Painting is the only real anti-establishment..." "Ideas in the end are futile. The Young British Artists are purchased by bored middle-aged middle-class art collectors who like a bit of rough. And Damien Hirst's work wouldn't stand a chance outside a gallery, art that must be in a gallery to be recognised as art is not really art. Critics don't like what we Stuckists do because we're not scared of bad pictures"
"....we make choices about sound and how we record and that doesn't fit in with fashion, and I think fashion is what is wrong with society. Fashion means selling people what they didn't know they needed. People don't stop to think - the deepest they go is to be interested in something, and to just interest isn't good enough. For culture to matter it must be made with a passion. People just want entertainment..."