Masters of the absurd
"If the really interesting thing about Punk is something different than its function as a musical genre, then it makes no sense to treat it as such".
Greil Marcus / "Lipstick Traces".
"What is the reason why they destroy other people's songs?" This is the question that a stranger asked after one of their concerts. The forceful answer was: "Someone had to do it". I witnessed this scene and since then I came to understand what type of people were behind V/Vm.
It's true that they reformulate, with high doses of deformity, works of others but more than only aesthetic works they provide an answer. I once read that one of their ambitions was to "give back to the world the garbage it produces" and today I gather that is what I understand with respect to many of their works. I do have to confess that the most frequent reaction that I encountered from other people after they first witness the "VV/m experience" was disorientation, which is rather funny considering that the message is emitted from very clear grounds "To me all I do is make honest audio that I want to make" writes James Kirby "There's never really been this great plan here apart from to make what interests me and look for energy from the things I am doing". This search started in the mid 90s, in Stockport - a village in the north of England - when James got together with Andrew Macgregor and started finishing some tracks with an Amiga computer and a somewhat faulty version of the software Music X. They compiled these tracks under the name of "Up-link data transmissions" and they established the label V/Vm Test Records to release them: "In early 1996 instead of sending any demo's out we figured it would be good to just press something ourselves and see if we could sell them in shops. Back then there were only a few labels who we could have approached, unlike today when it seems most people run labels, so it was never really an option to send audio out to labels. We pressed the first 12" and it took a year of real hard work to sell those records to shops direct."